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Linear Barriers.

This product is planned to be Kitemarked. We will update the website when this has been achieved.

Fully automatic linear flood barriers
to protect urban areas from tidal and fluvial flooding

Many riverside and coastal towns and cities have long river or sea frontages. Both summer and winter rainfall events are increased by climate change. Warmer ocean temperatures and increased sea ice melt are both increasing sea levels. Increased storminess is also a consequence of a warmer atmosphere. So towns and cities are now more vulnerable to flooding than at any time in living memory.

Floodmatik linear barriers will be manufactured and assembled to order, including all hinges and seals, in precast concrete chambers ready for delivery to site. Adjacent units will be placed alongside to form linear barriers of the required length. Simple seals connect adjacent modules. Intermediate buttresses facilitate changes in alignment.

By this process manufacture is factory controlled to a high standard and is efficient and cost effective. Site work is limited to site preparation, barrier installation and reinstatement. This leads to a cost effective system that is reliable, patented and kitemark approved, and requires no further financial commitment and only minor maintenance thereafter.

Floodmatik U1200 barriers:

  • Are always available and ready for action

  • Do not require any warning, ideal for flash flooding

  • Do not rely on any human input

  • Are normally out of sight

  • Normally allow access to the watercourse for business and pleasure

  • Don’t affect nearby properties

  • Self-supporting cantilever and modular construction for long lengths

Temporary linear defences would need:

  • Separate storage

  • Transportation

  • Installation at every flood warning

  • Dismantling

  • Re-transporting back to storage

  • They are costly and not always reliable

  • And incur ongoing costs of storage

Every project is different.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.

The modular concept of the linear urban barrier enables economies of scale in manufacture and delivery but every site is different. If you contact us with details of your site and the targets of your project we will prepare an outline scheme for you to consider.