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Who is the best Goalkeeper of all time?

06 June 2023

Ask football fans, and of course you’ll get lot of different answers, and there are many website pages devoted to the subject.  Names that crop up regularly include Gianluigi Buffon, Peter Schmeichel, Dino Zoff, Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton, Oliver Kahn, Pat Jennings and Neville Southall.

They were all superb at keeping the ball out of their goal, helping their sides achieve famous victories, win trophies and consistently doing so over a number of years.  But they all had off days too, they were brilliant, but still human.

Imagine if you could somehow combine all those great goalkeepers into a single person, and think what a difference that would make if they played for the football team you support or even play in?  Every time the opposition got through your defenders, up popped your superb new goalkeeper to save the day and keep your goal intact.

The new FloodMatik automatic barriers are like having the ultimate goalkeeper for domestic and commercial properties.  As the floodwater starts to rise, up pops the FloodMatiK barrier, without any need for power or human intervention to make a tight seal around your doorway, preventing even a drop of water entering the building.  You can read all about how it works here or get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Sadly, we can’t improve your football team’s goalkeeper, but we can provide you with a “fit and forget” automatic flood barrier that will significantly improve the defence of your property.

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